"To breed and train our Arab Endurance horses 

to a level at which they are qualified to compete

internationally in 120km**FEI Rides and

World Championships and achieve winning

or highly rated results in such events,"

The achievement of this Mission is dependent on several key factors including: lineage, conformation, environment, training methodology, general husbandry and experience of Endurance competitions.

Our blood lines of Crabbet, Polish and Egyptian assure an accredited lineage and we selectively choose conformation that will generate future successes. 

The altitude, topography and natural environment of the Schanskraal Estate provides a unique location for the breeding and training of Endurance horses.

Training does not commence until a horse is approximately 5 years old; prior to which it becomes hardened to the terrain, left to graze and exercise on the open veld. When training commences the horse is stabled in generously sized post and rail paddocks minimising any potential for injury from fencing.

Participation in Endurance events held throughout South Africa is fundamental to its training; gradually building a horse's confidence and endurance, with the aim that at the age of approximately 8 years old we will be proud to offer a horse for sale that can confidently compete in any FEI Endurance event worldwide.

The Welbech Stud is determined to continue to achieve its "Mission" and is cognisant that this requires it to continually develop its skills in the horses it breeds and trains and the services it affords to its clients.



There is a 1.3km x 1km cross air strip at Schanskraal to provide swift access from the major centres across South Africa.

5290 ft. GPS Co-ordinates: S31 35' 30.0".  E024 27' 00.0"




welbech arabian stud mission statement

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